We've sat for pets over 40 times now. When we pet sit, we stay in the pet owners' house. Sometimes, Julie will create an embroidery as a small gift for the pet's owners. We've decided to show off some of the embroideries next to the real thing. Which one's your favourite?

We stayed in Putley near Ledbury in Herefordshire in February 2024 looking after Fern, a Working Cocker Spaniel. The house was stunning and, hopefully, this embroidery does it justice.

We stayed in Paradise Point on the Gold Coast of Australia for Christmas 2023 looking after Pip which was lovely if not eventful with Storm Jasper. This mango tree was in the back garden of the house we stayed in. We also had blue-faced honeyeaters in the garden which are common in the area. The embroidery is a different take on a partridge in a pear tree!

We stayed in Newtonhill in Aberdeenshire, Scotland in September 2023 looking after McGregor. The embroidery combines the lovely bay with the house and a railway viaduct.

We stayed near Oxford, England in August 2023 looking after Meercat et al. The embroidery is a front view of the house we stayed in.

We stayed in Bray, Ireland in July 2023 looking after Lottie and Sadie. The embroidery combines the lovely seaside with the Bray Head Cross and the house we stayed in.

We stayed near Ipswich, England in May 2023 looking after Billy. The embroidery shows the lovely Stutton Manor where we stayed.

We stayed in Mill Valley, San Francisco, USA in March 2023 looking after Sugar. The embroidery shows a rear view of the lovely house we stayed in.

We stayed in Lawrence, Kansas, USA in February 2023 looking after Lacie and Maddie. The embroidery is a view of the rear garden pond which was frozen over during much of our stay!

We stayed in Champsac, Limoges, France in November 2022 looking after Woody and Lenny. The embroidery shows the porch at the back of the house.

We stayed in Eymet, Dordogne, France in November 2022. The embroidery shows the rear view of the house from the lovely garden.

We stayed in Pleine-Fougères, Brittany, France in October 2022. The embroidery shows the lovely renovated stone longere.

We stayed in Helmsley, England in June 2022 looking after Martha and Turbo. The embroidery is from the garden.

We stayed in Bury near Arundel, England in June 2022 looking after Winnie and Pickle. The embroidery was used in make a welcome home card.

We stayed near Maidstone, England in May 2022 looking after Orla, Olive and Zelda. The embroidery showed the oast houses next door.