Younger Next Year

Younger Next Year

Julie introduced me to the book Younger Next Year written by Chris Crowley and Henry Lodge. Whilst I'm still reading it, I agree wholeheartedly that the last third of one's life will be much more pleasurable if healthy and active.

I just thought I'd share what we've done to try and keep fit over the last few years.

Over six years ago, we decided to start running to get fit. We started off by following the Couch to 5K nine week programme. It allowed us to gradually increase our running each week from sedentary couch potatoes to running a full 5K. There were many weeks where we thought we were at our limit but we managed to finish the programme and go to the next level.

After Couch to 5K the next logical step was Parkrun. For those that don't know, Parkrun is an organisation that organises free, weekly, timed, community events all over the world. I ran my first parkrun in May 2017 and have now managed over a hundred events. Parkrun events are friendly, inclusive events where you can run, walk or volunteer on a Saturday morning (or Sunday for Junior Parkrun). Parkrun is now celebrating twenty years since its inception.

We also try and fit in some HIIT training with Joe Wicks or some Yoga although this is fairly sporadic. YouTube is certainly very convenient!

The benefits of getting fitter at any age, but especially when you are approaching retirement, are clear cut. It may not extend your life but it will certainly improve your quality of life. If there was a significant fitness increase in populations as a whole, it would massively help those populations with reductions in serious illnesses and with reduced waits for health services.

How can governments achieve this though? What can they do to increase the fitness of the general population?