Needle Felting

Needle Felting

We've sat for pets over 40 times now. When we pet sit, we stay in the pet owners' house. Frequently, Julie will create something as a small gift for the pet's owners. This is often a needle felted replica of the pet or pets. We've decided to show off some of the felt animals next to the real thing. Which one's your favourite?

This is Bertie the cockatiel who we looked after in Trefonen, Wales nearby to Oswestry just over the English border.

This is the sweet old greyhound Pip who we sat for in Paradise Point, Australia in 2023.

This is Skye who we sat for near Guildford, UK in 2023 and we're going to visit again in 2024.

This is McGregor who we sat for near Stonehaven, Scotland in 2023.

This is a garden snail called Sammy the Small and a guinea pig called Nugget who we sat for in Oxford in 2023. We also sat for a cat called Meercat and two other guinea pigs called Fish and Chip.

This is Sugar who we sat for in San Francisco in 2023 and we're going to visit again in 2024.

This is Maeve who we sat for in Boston, USA in 2023.

This is Winnie, a rescue dog from Cyprus, and Pickle who we sat for in Pulborough, near the South Downs Way, in 2022.

This is Woody, the border collie with a tennis ball fetish, who we sat for in Champsac, France in 2022.

This is the lovely one-eyed Oxmo who we sat for in Pleine-Fougères, France in 2022.

These two little terriers are Milo and Millie who we sat for in Worsbrough Bridge, UK in 2022.

This is Olive, a Norfolk terrier, who we sat for in Maidstone, UK in 2022. As well as Olive, we sat for Orla, Zelda and Tigger.

This is Crumble and also four ducks! This was a sit in Ropley, UK in 2022 where we sat for two dogs plus pigs, sheep, chickens and ducks. It was eventful because we arrived during Storm Eunice and spent the first four days of the sit without power!

This is an Amazonian Tortoise that we sat for together with a duck. We sat for a cat, two tortoises and plenty of ducks and chickens. The sit was at Haverfordwest in Wales in 2021.

These two border collies are Inca and Milo. This was our first ever pet sit for Trusted House Sitters and was in Kirkby Fleetham, UK in 2020 just after the first COVID19 lockdown.